Daily Prompt: Conundrum

via Daily Prompt: Conundrum

Every thought, emotion or experience is a carefully placed footstep, one uniquely grooved tread in front of the other; sometimes hiking on adventures like a maze that twists and turns or stops the way long roads can trip you up sometimes. Doors can open to inescapable conclusions resulting in your back against a wall of blank paper whispering, What now, as you detour your mind to ask how do great poets get beyond this road block. Battling against mere words that can get you nowhere, but then you begin again; to faithfully move and drive somewhere that you have not driven before. Yesterday, you were a flowing stream of abundance, but today you have to remember to always water your drought with fresh raining inspiration that will expand your own reference map. The eyes of a limitless horizon can see far beyond the scope of how small puzzle pieces should fit; far beyond the mystery of another person’s realm of opinion, but just know that there is a place, a niche or a purpose; and you have been invited to imagine both that place where you want to be and appreciate the place where you are right now. Perspectives change; and when your remarkable journey ends or arrives at a comma, you will recognize it as a welcomed starting point.


2 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Conundrum

  1. Hi Sandra,

    I am happy to see that you have an online presence and I look forward to your future posts. As far as “fighting with words that can get you nowhere”, I recently read an inspirational article concerning the importance of obliterating any coveted ideals, delusions of grandeur, or writing goals as it actually impedes the very thing you are wishing for. The article referenced Shakespeare as an example, as his personally defined intentions was to simply get paid for his work as opposed to becoming instilled in the literary canon; his work at that time was publicly regarded as light entertainment despite modern readers regarding his words as convoluted due to archaic language. Let the thing come to be naturally as it was intended to be– resistance and conflict is ultimately instigated by overcoming “what is” as opposed to accepting “what is”, and within that present moment is where the potential of success resides.



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